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Facts about South-korea

South Korea has gained popularity among tourist due to what is known as the “Korean Wave”. The Korean Wave is a combination of South Korean pop music and television dramas. This has encouraged direct foreign investment into the country. South Korea is an attractive country which is rich in culture, ancient history, and landmarks which are popular attractions with tourists. Some of these include; the peaks of Baekdudaegan, the caves of Danyang and Hwanseongul, and beaches such as Haeundae and Mallipo. There are also annual festivals which tourists can take part in for their pleasure. Tourists are sure to enjoy every minute of their time in the country.
Since the emergence of the “Korean Wave”, the number of foreign tourists that visit the country has steadily been on the rise. This has greatly increased the investment in South Korea and the government expects the number of tourists to increase for years to come. In2017, over 13 million foreign tourists visited the country, making South Korea one of the most visited countries in Asia.

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