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Facts about Philippines

The Philippines is a country that every beach lover would love. There is an island to suit the taste of every traveler. Tourists can enjoy surfing, kiteboarding, diving, and kayaking on any of the beaches in the country. The Philippines is also a great destination for outdoor activities, trekking can be done anywhere, while a lot of people are getting more interested in mountain-biking and canyoneering. It is also worth noting that the country is regarded as the zipline capital of the world.
In 2017, over 6.6 million foreigners visited the Philippines and this has contributed greatly to the Filipino economy. The industry has been responsible for contributing about 7.1% to the country’s GDP and providing 3.2% of the total workforce.
Foreigners should ensure they stay away from dealing with drugs of any kind. Severe penalties are handed out to tourists who are caught trafficking, using or in possession of illegal drugs. There is no mercy for pedophiles in the country, any case of child abuse or rape cases are treated in the harshest way possible.
Citizens from a wide range of countries, including all ASEAN countries, can enter the Philippines without a visa for up to 30 days, or obtain a visa on arrival for up to 59 days, as long as they have a return or onward ticket and a valid passport.

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