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Facts about Jamaica

Jamaica is a Caribbean island nation that is known for its mountains, rainforests, and reef-lined beaches. The rainforests and beach destinations are prime for activities like snorkeling, reef diving, sailing, and scuba diving. Adventurers will enjoy every bit of their time in the country due to the availability of mountains which are prime for caving and hiking. Jamaica is also well-known for its music and rhythm. Music is life in Jamaica, tourists won’t even realize when they have been swayed by the rhythm in the country.
The tourism industry in Jamaica is one of the most important industries in the country. The industry is a major source of foreign exchange in the country. Since 2017, the country has been hosting an average of 4.3 million tourists every year. In the years to come, the number of tourist visits is expected to rise even further.
Foreigners are required to declare sums of $10,000 on entry into the country. Contrary to popular belief, possession, trafficking, and usage of marijuana is illegal in the country.
Citizens of Australia, the Bahamas, Canada, Cyprus, Ghana, India, Kenya, Kiribati, Malaysia, Namibia, New Zealand, Swaziland, the United Kingdom, the United States may enter Jamaica for up to 6 months visa-free. Citizens of Belgium, Brazil, Chile, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Israel, Italy, Mexico, Norway, the Netherlands, Russia, Switzerland can enter Jamaica visa-free for up to 90 days.

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