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Facts about Eritrea

Eritrea is home to a large number of wildlife and the regulations enforced by the Eritrean government has helped to steadily increase the number of wildlife animals. There are various species of mammals and 560 species of birds. While in the country you can see wonderful animals like the Abyssinia hare, African wild cat, Black-backed jackal, African golden wolf, Lions, African bush elephants and a host of others. Other attractions in Eritrea include Tank Graveyard, Opera house, Imperial Palace, etc. Tourists are sure to enjoy their time in the country.
Tourism in Eritrea is not as dominant as it used to be in the previous century. Although, the government is putting in a very big effort to develop the country’s tourism and make it better than what it was.
Visitors are not allowed to take photographs of military and government buildings. If you want to exchange money, it should be done at a state foreign currency exchange Himbol branch, it is illegal to do it anywhere else. All foreign currencies in excess of $10,000 should be declared on entry into Eritrea.

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